Adjustable Posture-Corrector


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Adjustable Posture-Corrector - Boditivity
Adjustable Posture-Corrector - Boditivity
Adjustable Posture-Corrector - Boditivity

Did you know poor posture can cause both physical and mental stress?  Overtime, poor posture can lead to a loss of function and spinal deformities.  Chances are if you work on a computer or are a frequent athlete you can suffer from bad posture easily.  One of the leading cures to poor posture is the Adjustable Posture-Corrector that works to pull your shoulders back and realign your spine.  Not only is this product crucial for your health, it will make feel more confident and make you appear more confident.  The Adjustable Posture-Corrector was designed to feel comfortable, so don't be afraid to wear it under your clothing!


- Adjustable straps to fit all shapes and sizes

- Pulls shoulders back, straightens neck and head, fixes hunchback

- Suitable for men and women

Due to extremely high demand, this product will take between 16 - 26 days to arrive